How we support you with insights

  • Providing insights on your pharmacy spend
  • Creating a new client support model
  • Partnering with others to meet shared goals
Making Costs Clear

Providing insights on your pharmacy spend

You need outstanding reporting and analytics capabilities for fully-informed decision making. Our reporting platform will provide real-time updates on plan performance. You’ll be able to generate disease-specific reporting, evaluate high cost claimant trends, and analyze savings opportunities using a single tool. Sounds too easy? We’ll show you how.

"High quality, timely reporting is built into IngenioRx’s DNA. We deliver actionable data to drive decision-making across each unique client population"

- Christine Higgins, VP of Pricing and Analytics, IngenioRx

Making Costs Clear

Creating a new client support model

We’re building a client support model that is built to keep pace with today’s environment. Personalized concierge services with live pharmacy representatives for after-hours support. Information and insights via phone, email, text, video chat and more. Alerts to let you know what’s happening as it happens. Convenient, quick responses let you focus on your business. You want answers when you need them. We’re making it happen.

"We are building a best in class client support model that gives clients on-demand access and support using the tools and channels clients prefer."

- Mike Napolitano, Chief Sales Officer, IngenioRx

Making Costs Clear

Partnering with others to meet shared goals

Partnerships are critical. For example, we work with physicians by providing data and analytics to support quality, reduce costs and enhance care delivery. Physicians become accountable for meeting quality measures, like prescribing generic drugs or improving medication adherence. And we’ll keep clients informed of outcomes. After all, aligned partnerships are the best medicine.

66% of physicians say they have access to their performance on quality measures

Source: Deloitte 2018 Survey of US Physicians