How we’re simplifying care

  • Making pharmacy care more accessible
  • Supporting providers’ care decisions
  • Being a health advocate
Making Costs Clear

Making pharmacy care more accessible

Getting a prescription filled shouldn’t be rocket science. We simplify the experience through expanded web and mobile pharmacy tools, home delivery choices and forward-thinking drug safety and utilization management. Now patients can spend more time getting well and less time jumping through hoops. That’s visionary.

Integrated claims data has reduced our Prior Authorization volume by 12 percent.

Source: IngenioRx internal data, February 2019

Making Costs Clear

Supporting providers care decisions

As healthcare gets more fragmented, we see an opportunity. Real time, patient-specific benefit and health information will provide critical insights quickly to the doctor—right in the exam room—so medical professionals and patients can make informed decisions. For example, we send care alerts to eye doctors when the patient is on a drug with a vision warning. That’s important because 22 of the 25 most commonly prescribed drugs have one. A fuller picture equals better care.

74% of physicians think it’s important to consider a patient’s benefit information before prescribing.

Source: Data Brief: Physician Perspectives on Access to Patient Data, Surescripts, April 2018

Making Costs Clear

Being a health advocate

We’re focused on working comprehensively with patients to improve total health. When an equally effective generic is available, we make it easy to switch. We guide patients taking specialty drugs to clinically appropriate, convenient treatment sites that are cost effective for everyone. And patients can contact us 24/7. We have dedicated teams of pharmacy experts ready to talk - even specialized help with complicated, chronic conditions. Helping people when they need it is the moment that matters.

By directing patients to convenient, lower cost sites of care for infused drugs, we saved one large client $850k in nine months.

Source: Internal analysis data, March 2019