Introducing DiRxections: Trends in Action Wasteful Claims

Often, health and pharmacy trends are discussed in a vacuum – static and distant from the impact they represent. IngenioRx aims to change that. 



We are proud to launch DiRxections: Trends In Action, a new digital series, in conjunction with the launch of our 2020 Drug Trend Report. These ongoing videos will explore how IngenioRx is activating pharmacy trends. We’re constantly creating new programs and products with the aim of more personalized, proactive, and coordinated engagement that helps lower costs and improve outcomes for our members and clients.


Bringing this year’s Drug Trend Report to life in a new way, the first four videos in this series feature reviews of:

  • Overall Trend with Colleen Haines, hosted by Dr. Vin Gupta
  • Specialty Pharmacy with Lisa Morris, hosted by Dr. Vin Gupta
  • The Drug Pipeline with Vicki Fisher and Jeff White, hosted by Paul Keckely
  • RxCare Nexus with AJ Davis, hosted by Paul Keckely

To view the premiere of DiRxections: Trends in Action, click here. No password is required.

Additional videos will premiere each season featuring topics such as clinical strategy and provider collaboration. To be notified when new videos are available, please follow IngenioRx on LinkedIn or sign up to receive e-mails