Advancing Pharmacy for Every Moment of Health

July 11, 2022 | Download PDF

At IngenioRx, we are taking a whole-person health approach by bridging the critical gap between pharmacy and medical care. We recognize the importance of improving the experience for our members, collaborating with key stakeholders, and adapting to the evolving dynamics of the industry to meet the needs of our customers.


Recently, IngenioRx President, Paul Marchetti, spoke about the advancement of the company and changes made in response to input from our most critical audiences. As a result of the feedback, Marchetti outlined details around IngenioRx’s new pricing guidelines, flexible contracting, and a guaranteed savings structure. In sharing recent advances with reporting, Marchetti said “we just launched new reporting tools with access to our integrated pharmacy and medical data to better understand the health of your plan. We recognize our customers need insights into how programs are performing and that they are getting what they’re paying for.”


Member engagement is also a vital area of attention for IngenioRx, and Marchetti detailed some of the integrated, digital-first solutions available to our members who have the SydneySM Health app, “we’re providing single point access to all benefit and health records, we’re leveraging technology like AI, predictive analytics, and cloud technology to improve the process and personalization of care delivery as well Alexa integration to get refill reminders and check the status of their medications. ”


These changes are just some of the ways Marchetti says IngenioRx is adapting to the important needs of our audiences. He said he will continue to listen and change with speed and flexibility in partnership with those helping us lead in this market. “We recognize that we’re not perfect; however, our strategy is clear, and we will continue to focus on making investments in the levers that drive affordability, consumer experience, and differentiation.”