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Healthcare is a team effort. It is common for a person to see many doctors, especially when they are sick or manage a disease that affects more than one part of their body.  

IngenioRx’s Digital Solutions Improve Member and Provider Experiences

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As a member-focused pharmacy benefit manager, IngenioRx works to protect our clients from fraud, waste, and abuse. Wasteful pharmacy claims impact not only members, but also payers.

IngenioRx Takes Action to Reduce Wasteful Claims

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Often, health and pharmacy trends are discussed in a vacuum – static and distant from the impact they represent. IngenioRx aims to change that.

Introducing DiRxections: Trends in Action Wasteful Claims

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For many Americans, pharmacy benefits are a source of frustration. Confusing rules and unpredictable drug prices can overwhelm not only those needing care, but also the plan sponsors providing it.

IngenioRx Thrives Two Years After Largest Transition in PBM History

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HONOLULU – AlohaCare, Hawai’i's only community-led Medicaid and dual eligible Medicare health insurer, has entered into a three-year pharmacy benefits management agreement with IngenioRx

AlohaCare Selects IngenioRx for 3-Year Exclusive Agreement

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Generic drugs are just as effective as brand names. However, generics don’t always translate to lower costs.

Partnership with Civica Rx Aims to Improve the Cost and Availability of Generic Drugs

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