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Innovation Article

For many people living with chronic conditions, prescription drugs are a daily part of life. Successful disease management often requires discipline – taking the right dosage at the right time.

Automated Pill Dispenser Pilot Helps Members with Chronic Conditions

Innovation Article

IngenioRx is taking a proactive approach to disease management and prevention.

IngenioRx Launches MealAdvisor Pilot to Help Members Manage Diabetes

Innovation Article

Studies indicate 15% to 30% of care in the U.S. is unnecessary.1 In pharmacy care, this means that doctors may prescribe drugs that are excessive or not supported by medical evidence.

IngenioRx’s Prior Authorization Process is Faster, More Efficient

Innovation Article

In 2020, IngenioRx acquired ZipDrug, an innovative service that uses technology to deliver a personalized pharmacy experience.

IngenioRx Delivers Personalized Pharmacy Care with ZipDrug

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