Darren Gettings, RPh

Vice President, Retail Network Strategy

Starting his career as a licensed and registered Pharmacist in Arizona, Darren is passionate about the quality of care pharmacists can provide. This passion led him to the business side of the industry, where he could make a stronger impact by expanding the scope of services that pharmacists may provide to patients.  He quickly landed in Managed Care Pharmacy contracting and never looked back.

Now nearly 20 years later, Darren leads retail network strategy at IngenioRx. Working to develop and implement new and innovative network products,Darren is responsible for and leads primary oversight of all network and mail solutions, including pharmacy contracting, credentialing and auditing.

Prior to joining IngenioRx, Darren held the role of VP, Retail Channel Strategy and Management at Express Scripts, and was previously at Medco where he served as Vice President, Pharmacy Network Management.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, Darren also served as a hospital Corpsmen in the Navy Reserves for six years.

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Darren Gettings, RPh

Vice President, Retail Network Strategy

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