Alex Krikorian, RPh

Vice President, Pharma Strategy and Contracting

Alex serves as the Pharma Strategy and Contracting Lead for IngenioRx. In this role, Alex is focused on understanding the market place and its changing dynamics in order to support a whole health approach to cost of care initiatives.  Additionally, he is responsible for determining the path forward for value-based contracting, expanding partnerships on medical billing, and supporting formulary development.

Prior to joining Anthem in 2017, Alex held the position of Vice President Pharmacy Benefits at Kaiser Permanente. He also served as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Contracting at CIGNA for 12 years. In these roles, Alex was responsible for creating the strategy and performance targets for rebates and formulary utilization for both pharmacy and medical benefits, and directing the formulary coverage decision process for both commercial, Medicare Part D, and healthcare exchange business.

Alex is a licensed pharmacist, and received his MBA from Western New England University. He currently resides in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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