We're the pharmacy
benefits alternative

Built to Innovate

Born from one of America’s largest healthcare companies, we launched with a bold vision and unique proposition - to help members and plan sponsors think differently, keep members at the center of decision-making, and maximize the value of personalized pharmacy care. Leveraging the power of new technologies, our strong, clinical-first lens and deep pharmacy expertise are actively defining our innovative role in the industry.

For us, it's personal.

Addressing the most challenging aspects of the pharmacy benefit experience, we are bringing an innovative engagement model to our members and sponsors.

Not tied to traditional PBM models, we’re activating our position at the center of care - unlocking significant value for our plan sponsors and members.

As a fully-scaled pharmacy benefits partner, we are committed to a future of pharmacy care that takes a total-person health approach and has a positive impact on overall health and total cost.

For us, it’s not about transactions. It’s about creating personal experiences that lead to true and lasting change.

Meet The Team

Paul Marchetti


Paul serves as President, IngenioRx. In this role, he is responsible for advancing IngenioRx’s integrated, whole-person approach to care delivery and driving programs and strategies that lead to improved affordability and outcomes.

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Andy Brynes

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Andy is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial activities of IngenioRx, ensuring they meet and exceed financial commitments based on sound financial strategy and long-term planning.

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Beverly Brown

Human Resources Lead

As the human resources lead for IngenioRx, Beverly leads IngenioRx's human capital strategy. In her current role, she leads a team of human resources business partners who collaborate with business leaders to apply the principles and practices of human resource management to contribute to the success of the business.

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Darren Gettings, RPh

Vice President, Retail Network Strategy

As Vice President of Retail Network Strategy, Darren leads the management of our pharmacy networks. He has more than 20 years of experience in managed care contracting and has held leadership positions at Walgreens, Medco Health Solutions and Express Scripts.

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Colleen Haines, RPh

Chief Clinical Officer

As the Chief Clinical Officer for IngenioRx, Colleen heads up all clinical quality and cost of care strategies and programs. Her role includes overseeing specialty pharmacy and formulary management. Colleen joined Anthem in 1998 and has 25 years of experience in the pharmacy industry.

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Scott Helmus

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Scott leads a broad set of functions directly impacting our clients and their members, delivering exceptional service while putting our members at the center of all we do. Among the services Scott and his team deliver: claims processing, eligibility, benefit configuration, and clinical operations. He also leads our member contact centers, prior authorizations, and mail pharmacy areas. Lastly, Scott is responsible for account operations and client implementations for our Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare lines of business.

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Christine Higgins

Vice President, Pricing and Analytics

As the Vice President of Pricing and Analytics, Christine leads IngenioRx's pricing strategies, cost of care savings, pharmacy trend management and analytic strategies. She joined IngenioRx in February, 2018 where she led the IngenioRx business launch, driving the cross-functional coordination of key program deliverables to establish our new Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

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