Our drug lists

A drug list, or formulary, is a list of prescription drugs that are covered under your pharmacy benefit plan. Each drug list is separated into tiers based on type and cost of medications. We base our therapeutic care decisions on:

  • Strong clinical foundation through our independent pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) review process.
  • Access to drugs and therapies with clinical evidence to improve health, while trying to keep health care more affordable.
  • Total cost-of-care focus without sacrificing access to high-quality prescription drugs
  • View or download our latest drug list updates.
  • Keep up to date on the latest drug recalls and alerts.
  • Suggest a change or addition to our drug lists.

To find out more, visit our How We Evaluate Care Options page.

Benefit/Program Drug Lists

One or more Benefit/Program Drug Lists may also apply to your plan. If your plan includes a benefit such as PreventiveRx or Exclusive Specialty, you will find your plan’s applicable drug lists here

Find a participating pharmacy

If you are a member with IngenioRx pharmacy coverage, you can log in and search online or use these lists to find participating pharmacies in your network.
The Rx Choice Tiered, Standard and National Networks include Retail 90 and Rx Maintenance 90 pharmacies. These are pharmacies, including CVS, where you can fill up to a 90-day supply of your medicine. If your plan includes Rx Maintenance and you use CVS, you can fill a 90-day supply of any covered drug at your home delivery rate.
In the lists, Retail 90 pharmacies are designated with an asterisk (*) and Rx Maintenance 90 pharmacies are designated with a bullet (•).