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Why do prescriptions cost so much? They’re supposed to make us feel better, but the uncertainty around prescription costs often causes us more anxiety. We’re here to change that. By shedding more light on how drug pricing works, everyone can understand. We think that’s how our whole healthcare system can get better. Brilliant, huh?

Should Be

Everyone in healthcare is responsible for using pharmacy the right way. That’s why we’re opening communication between health plan, patients and providers so the whole healthcare team can focus on the outcome, not just the treatment. That’s real genius.

Should Be

We want members to get the right care, not just the right pill. When providers, pharmacists and patients understand how their pharmacy care works together with their other healthcare choices, we can make better decisions. Seamless is smarter. You’ll see.

Should Be

Let’s think bigger. As a healthcare team, we have all the information we need to make the best healthcare choices. We just need to work together. Managing pharmacy costs is important. But improving outcomes? That’s powerful.

Let’s reclaim the power of pharmacy together.

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Deepti Jain

Chris Burns
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Gallé
Chief Operating Officer

Darren Gettings, RPh
Retail Network Strategy Lead

Colleen Haines, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer

Alex Krikorian, RPh
Pharma Strategy and Contracting Lead

Michele Mucci
Chief Legal Officer

Mike Napolitano
Chief Sales Officer

Justin Petronzi
Chief Growth Officer