Reclaim the Power of Pharmacy

Introducing a pharmacy benefits partner focused on simplifying and demystifying prescription drug coverage, building meaningful connections, and maximizing whole health.


Prescriptions don’t work alone. Neither can pharmacy benefits.

For too long, pharmacy benefits have been all about prescriptions and pricing and not enough about every other healthcare decision. It’s time that changed. If we can help everyone making healthcare decisions see the bigger picture, we can start treating the whole person. Are you good with that? We thought so.

Bringing clarity to costs

Why do prescriptions cost so much? They’re supposed to make us feel better, but the uncertainty around prescription costs can cause us more anxiety. We’re here to change that. By shedding more light on how drug pricing works, everyone can understand. We think that’s how our whole healthcare system can get better. Brilliant, huh?

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Simplifying care

Everyone in healthcare is responsible for using pharmacy the right way. That’s why we’re opening communication between pharmacy, patients and providers so the whole healthcare team can focus on the outcome, not just the treatment. That’s real genius.

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Know the rules. Reinvent them.

Although our name is new, our history isn’t. We’re the pharmacy benefits manager behind Anthem, Inc., so finding new ways to help customers and their members is second nature. By focusing on total health, not just prescriptions, we’re thinking bigger. And that’s how we’ll change pharmacy benefits for the better.


network pharmacies

>175 million

prescriptions managed each year

30 YRS

pharmacy strategy

Viewing health holistically

We want members to get the right care, not just the right pill. When physicians, pharmacists and patients understand how their pharmacy options work together with their other healthcare choices, we can make better decisions. Seamless is smarter. You’ll see.

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Sharing supportive insights

Let’s think bigger. As a healthcare team, we have all the information we need to make the best healthcare choices. We just need to work together. Managing pharmacy costs is important. But improving outcomes? That’s powerful.

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Meet the Team

Jeff Alter

Executive Vice President

Beverly Brown

Human Resources Lead

Andy Brynes

Chief Financial Officer

Darren Gettings, RPh

Vice President, Retail Network Strategy

Nancy Gilbride

Chief Sales Officer

Colleen Haines, RPh

Chief Clinical Officer

Scott Helmus

Chief Operating Officer

Christine Higgins

Vice President, Pricing and Analytics

David Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer

Michele Mucci

Chief Legal Officer

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